When I first decided to return to Microsoft as a vendor, I had no agency. It was suggested by the hiring manager that I should use Webfoot as she had nothing but good experiences to report. I decided to take her advice and was happy with the decision. I liked the individual attention provided to me during the seven years I worked at Microsoft. Webfoot didn’t feel like one of those mega agencies. The experience was more personal and I liked that. I would recommend Webfoot to anyone looking for a great agency that cares about you and your career.
— Mark Foster, Designer II
I’ve worked for Webfoot Staffing Solutions a little over a year now. Initially I went with them because their compensation rate was a little higher than other vendor companies for similar positions. I had also heard people that worked for them were pretty happy. What a pleasant surprise Webfoot has been! They have one of the best benefit packages I have ever seen. Management is easy to get ahold of and very quick to address any problems that come up. Webfoot is more than fair and extremely supportive of its vendors, which is a refreshing change from other companies that regard you as extremely expendable. It is not hard for me to recommend Webfoot Staffing to anyone. They really are that good. I hope to continue working for them for quite some time.
— Galand Marshall, Lab Engineer III
Webfoot was perfect for me as a vendor. I required a hands-off approach, but needed my manager to be there for administrative purposes. Any administration problems I had were always taken seriously and resolved. Herb (the CEO), is a professional, courteous and a downright good guy.
— Jake Torset, Design Integrator II
I’ve been with Webfoot for a little over two years and am overall satisfied with their competitive wages, benefits and level of attention given to resolving any concerns or issues as they arise. I highly recommend Webfoot and if for some reason my endeavors change and I have to leave, I would gladly work for them again in the future should the opportunity present itself.
— Mark Garcia, Lab Engineer III
Webfoot Staffing Solutions - provides vendor staffing solutions that have improved the cost effectiveness of getting high quality software and hardware talent with an expertise that allows my team to deliver results faster and with excellent support. Webfoot has a broad talent pool that can meet diverse needs as business requirements and deliverables change.
— Farley Dahl, Senior Service Engineer
Working for Webfoot these past five years has been very easy. The staff always takes the time to address any concerns or issues going on with my position. The company has been accommodating and will always get an answer for you if there is a concern or question. I would not hesitate to recommend Webfoot to anyone looking to secure a position in the IT industry. They are competitive and care about their employees.
— Alan Ahlers, Systems Engineer


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