Webfoot Staffing Solutions firmly believes that smaller staffing companies like us fulfill an important niche in a market glutted with giant, impersonal, multinational staffing corporations. We’ve gone head-to-head with and won against many major companies from China and India, as well as American firms, including much larger local firms here in the Northwest, placing top technical talent for our clients. We’ve been told by some of our clients that our candidates are far superior. And as for competitive pricing for top talent, we beat the big guys there too!

Our employees tell us that they would rather work for us than any other company. Why? Because they know Webfoot is there for them 24/7, providing a direct liaison to their manager and going to bat for them if there’s an issue. We also take the extra care to make sure they’re doing the work they enjoy, exercising their core strengths, and where possible, getting the opportunity to learn new technology.

Our employees are much happier about their work than people from other agencies who work alongside them. We know this because those other consultants have often wanted to work for us! Our employees know that Webfoot cares about them and is with them every step of the way. Because of this, our employees stay longer at their positions, are committed to do their best, and are fiercely loyal to the client as well as to Webfoot.