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Q: I’m looking for a job. What should I do?
A: Send your resume and a brief cover statement to Someone from our recruiting team will contact you within 24 hours.

Q: Do I owe a fee to Webfoot for finding work for me?
A: Never.

Q: How long do contract assignments last?
A: The amount of time depends on the client’s needs and your desires. Assignments can range from a few months to more than a year.

Q: When I’m working for a Webfoot client, who’s my employer?
A: Webfoot is your legal employer. Issues including negotiation, benefits, and performance reviews are handled through Webfoot.

Q: What if the company I’m contracting for wants to hire me as a permanent employee?
A: Congratulations! We’re always pleased when we’ve made a perfect match, and we’ll facilitate any changes or needs you might have as you transition to full-time employment with the client.

Q: Does Webfoot have a non-compete clause?
A: No, we feel that they restrict competition and freedom of choice which is not good for the employee or the client.

Q: Why should I work for Webfoot Staffing Solutions as opposed to another job agency?
A: Webfoot is there for you 24/7, providing a direct liaison to your manager and going to bat for you if there’s an issue. You are not alone with Webfoot at your side! We also take the extra care to make sure you’re doing the work you enjoy, exercising your core strengths, and where possible, getting the opportunity to learn new technology. Please check out what current and former employees and our clients have to say about us on the Testimonials page!

Q: Will I be able to work extra hours?
A: We confirm with the client what the expectations are at our initial meeting, and will let you know during the screening process.

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